Nice to meet you, we are Fenlands - we make beautiful signs for beautiful places!

We are not your average sign company, we are a collective of creative craftspeople and designers based in the Kent Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just outside Sevenoaks. We are passionate about signs in all their shapes and sizes and enjoy solving problems with simple, elegant ideas using both modern materials and processes, combined with traditional skills and methods - resulting in high quality and sustainable sign solutions that are unique to you.

We are collaborative to our core, both with our clients, our suppliers and our trusted partners. By not allowing ourselves to be constrained by manufacturing or material limitations, it means neither is our imagination or your project or outcome.

Our approach

Is distinctive and artisan in nature. Like many luxury makers where the client’s needs and wishes are put above what is the easiest option for us - as it should be, in the quest for making something truly unique and special for you that you are delighted with.

Our high level of service, technical expertise, attention to detail and quest for innovation are our core strengths. We are not just a supplier, we become part of your team and in our experience, this is where the magic happens! Most of our clients, and now friends, have worked with us time and again, so even though we constantly strive to improve everything we do - we must be doing something right!

Please give us a call to discuss your project, we would be delighted to bring your ideas to life.

If you have a beautiful place, let us make a beautiful sign for it!

Warm regards,

Founder of Fenlands.


Our belief is that there is no excuse to not consider, or make every effort for our commercial and personal impact on the planet to be as small as possible - in fact, our whole business model is built around that intent.

Our goal is not to preach or judge others, just do our best and regularly revisit as much of our operation as we can to see where environmental impact can be reduced, whilst actively helping and encourage other businesses we work alongside to do the same and share this passion with everyone.

We have set goals internally which will pave the way for bigger things to come in the future, like investing in being fully solar-powered by the end of 2022 and recycling as close to 100% of our waste as we can already. We follow the just in time method of manufacture meaning we do not stock or batch make and therefore only expend energy, heating, lighting and power when absolutely needed.

We use plastic-free materials and non-toxic adhesives and paints wherever possible. For example one of our suppliers openly eats tablespoons of the paint they manufacture here in the UK live on the internet to prove how non-toxic it is!

We operate remote working for all our staff where possible allowing them to create their own work environment that suits them and their families best and means no commuting for anyone unless absolutely necessary. As a result, there is no need for big empty office buildings using precious energy or polluting the planet for no reason. This allows us to already be as paper-free as we can be using reusable pads and a fully digital workflow across all systems and departments.

Even before we began officially trading we have been contributing to Ecologi, a tree planting scheme to aid in carbon offsetting and also funding worthy environmental projects globally. Again we aim to increase our commitment to this cause in time and aim to reach a carbon-negative status in the future. Our true company dream is to one day be B-corp accredited and be carbon positive.

Here is a link to our virtual forest on Ecologi to see our efforts and get information on the positive climate impact projects we are helping to fund around the world every month.

View our virtual forest

If you have any questions or there is anything we can do to improve our environmental efforts you think we should know about, we would be delighted to hear from you. No matter how small the changes we make, if we all do something positive the overall impact will be huge!


As a fully autonomous sign company, we can provide as much or as little assistance as you require for your project. From free informal honest advice, client meetings with you, or on your behalf if you are a consultant. And of course everything in between all the way through from simple sign design to full signage suite conceptualisation and implementation.

Often it is necessary to undertake measuring surveys to gather all sizes, substrate and ground material types, including inspecting access requirements to safely undertake installations when required. Or we can go a stage further and complete a full site audit for you of your current situation to gather information and then make informed decisions. This naturally leads to developing wayfinding strategies, concepts and sign design specific to your needs if needed.

If you chose to work with us, we of course can manufacture, project-manage, apply for planning permissions, undertake removal and offer certified disposal of old signage when needed. Finally installing your new signs in a safe and professional manner, backed by full public liability insurance.

To ensure your investment looks great and lasts as long as possible, therefore giving you the best return, we can arrange a one-off or regular maintenance programmes so you do not have to worry about cleaning or maintaining your signs once they are in place giving you full peace of mind.

If you are unsure about what you need or just want to discuss your options, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you decide what is the best way forward for your signage needs.

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Who we work with

We are delighted and lucky to have worked with many wonderful and talented people, we look forward to working with you too! Below is a small cross-section of people and business types we work with:

Architects and designers

Landscape architects

Brand consultants

General public


Hotels and spa operators

Country estates

Sporting venues

Restaurants, pubs and cafes

Historic houses and gardens

Nature conservationists

Corporate headquarters

Private homes and residences

Estate and land agents

Holiday rental operators and managing agents

Wedding and event venues

Farms and rural businesses

Vineyards and food producers

Food and drink producers

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