The Wellhouse & Season Cookery School

We produced and installed these two oak signs for the stunning Wellhouse Restaurant and Season Cookery School in a recently refurbished venue, which sites within the beautiful grounds of Lainston House Hotel.

By using oak to tie both brands together along with the timber-framed building they sit on and create a symmetrical entrance which subtly informs the guests of each part of the building and where they are heading because each offering is to the left or right of the door as you enter accordingly.

Equally using just oak for the Wellhouse mirrors the gorgeous and rustic interior with lots of natural materials and furnishings. In contrast, the Season Cookery School is sleek, modern and full of stainless steel so again we have used this design language in the sign as well.

We are proud as punch how these turned out and looking forward to working with the Lainston House team again in the future.

Nurture Wellness & Spa

Sign Dimensions: Reception desk: 400 x 525mm. Wall Mural: 1200 x 1500mm.

When asked to help we came up with a reception sign and a large wall-mounted logo both made from really eco-friendly materials and processes. The Reception desk is a dense cardboard-based material with non-solvent digital print to the face. Not only is this VOC free, but when it is time to change it can be recycled and pulped to create more paper or card!

Similarly, the logo wall logo was a challenge because it is such a thin, delicate design. We decided to produce this from bot builders plywood and wet sprayed with nontoxic airless paint process to achieve the specific brand colours. The plywood is FSC certified of course and was chosen because of the laminated manufacturing process it has incredible lateral strength and is very lightweight which is imperative for an internal plasterboard wall. 

Please contact us to see how we can help your company brand be incorporated into your premises and aid in creating a positive brand experience for your customers every time they leave happy, calm, content and raving about how much they enjoyed the experience you provided.

South Lodge Hotel - Wayfinding Project

One of the most important elements of wayfinding is being aware of how new locations, and additional activities within a venue can affect guest journeys. In addition, if operations have to change or alter this too can put pressure on or undermine the current strategy.

A great recent example of this is South Lodge Hotel. Due to how hotel operations have changed since the pandemic it became clear that some additional wayfinding assistance for guests was required. We were asked to create some beautiful engraved oak signs to help guests navigate the three main floors and staircase of the original house.
Previously all guests were shown to their rooms by the concierge but this had to change due to social distancing so a change resulted in more guest help being required - sounds simple but took insight from the excellent management team to see they needed to update things.

This also coincided with some stunning suite renovations which included new handmade oak doors, so we also made 29 individual new room name signs to finish off the rooms. The French polisher will eventually colour match the signs to the doors, but changing all the old mismatching doors and signs to a new high-quality and consistent solution has really elevated each grand hallway the suites are accessed from.

In addition to these, the continued growth and development of the site meant re-visiting the signage suite again to add new activity areas and finish off the program that was started before Covid. The hotel has two stunning brand new all-weather tennis courts which are accessed from the award-winning spa at South Lodge via a new meandering path through the trees and rhododendrons from the natural pools on the spa decking. So we made a new directional sign and badging signs for the courts themselves - both on brand to match everything else of course!

Finally, we completed the program with three new external directional signs that we had planned 3 or so years ago - again adding reassurance and brand consistency so the whole resort which is now consistent, elegant and everywhere that needs navigational assistance, a sign is there to answer the question and reassure guests before it even arises.

We are very proud to have completed this project several years after it started, and highlights that a wayfinding strategy really is a fluid and living entity that requires not only maintenance and regular cleaning once in situ, but also reviews to ensure it is working correctly and any tweaks or changes, however, small can have a huge impact on its success or failure.

Just because it works to start with does not mean it will continue to do so. We always include a review process in all projects of this nature - some things cannot be foreseen off plan, or conducting employee interviews at the start, so if you think your wayfinding needs a helping hand why not let us help you to review your customer journeys and give an honest appraisal.

Waldershire Estate

Overall Sign Dimensions: 1250 x 1415mm

We conceived, designed and made the signage working closely with the family and their team to create a truly lovely and timeless set of signs to welcome new and old visitors alike to this traditional working estate, helping to maintain it for current and future generations alike.

Using chunky English chestnut timber posts, mortised non-toxic painted timber panels with traditional signwriting - these elegantly simple signs will stand the test of time, just like the land they stand sentinel over.

At Fenlands, we are in our element helping preserve our historic landscapes and have spent many years working for national agencies and charities helping safeguard the brands and the properties they protect and preserve for us. If you own or work on a private estate, historical house, gardens or castle please contact us. We would be honoured to help to contribute and maintain our rich island's heritage.

Trim Gym

Overall Sign Dimensions: 1000 x 1000mm

We were asked to execute the gyms’ brand guidelines in keeping with the tranquil, uncluttered and positive vibrations of the space. The welcome sign we created included applied non-toxic spray painted FSC plywood icon and lettering on stand-off locators directly to the reception desk front, along with non-toxic hand lettered signwriting applied directly to the timber slats. The overall effect is multi-dimensional, clean, sharp and focused much like the mindset of the owner.

Please email or call us if you would like our help updating, or branding your gym, fitness club or any other fitness venue. We have decades of experience to share with you to help get your dream job or company off the ground.

The Old Vicarage

Sign Dimensions: 810 x 1430 x 70mm

Using sustainably sourced kiln-dried European oak, this simple yet high-quality sign was made from scratch to the exact size, design and highest level of craftsmanship the client required, to mirror the exquisite detail and effort they have put into the restoration of the manor house and it’s grounds.
We engraved the lettering and graphics directly into the oak sign face and painted the black colour with non-toxic water-based paint. Finished in three layers of modern water-based timber coating which is incredibly durable and breathable and provides a rich depth of colour that brings the grain out in the beautiful oak.

We can make timber signs of any size and shape, with intricate details and finishes or simple, elegant designs like this. We work with the best timber mills in the country and can use many native and non-native timber species when required. Contact us to discuss the endless options and variety that sustainable timber sign construction allows.

South Shore Marina

Overall Sign Dimensions: 930 x 1700mm

Hard-wearing, robust and easy to maintain were the primary requirements of the marina signage renovations and exactly what resulted from our collaboration with the harbour masters team and ourselves. A suite of long-lasting signs to withstand the challenging coastal elements meant choosing aluminium and steel construction with an industrial polyester powder coated finish to protect the signs. The graphics were prime etched using sandblasting and oven-baked enamel techniques to produce the most robust and durable package possible. Easy to clean and look after the signs that are deployed across the marina and harbour will look as good as new for years if not decades to come.

If we can help you invest and future proof your signage needs with a cost-effective solution please contact us to talk through the many different options available.

Polo Farm

Overall Sign Dimensions: 1000 x 1100mm

Handcrafted English oak posts and frames, with rich burgundy painted timber sign panels and 24-carat gold hand gilded lettering and logos. This bold mixture of processes, artisan techniques and high-quality finish speaks volumes of the intent of the owners, and excites any visitor to the prestigious Polo Farm as they enter the dual aspect entrance and travel down the driveway of this beautiful venue and sporting grounds.

When imagination and budget are left at the door this is the result!

Please contact us to discuss any project or ideas for your distinguished property or venue.

Polar Spa

Sign Dimensions: 1200 x 715mm

A simple aluminium sign tray with visible, generous deep edges, completely wrapped in full colour digitally printed self-adhesive cast vinyl, and finished with a light sapping matte finish protective laminate to enhance the cool credentials of this groundbreaking spa. The sign was installed onto the stark concrete wall and really pops with colour and cleanliness compared to the rough texture and industrial monotone of the background. Hidden fixings complete the slick look of this simple yet striking sign.

Please get in touch if you wish to discuss your sign project or plans, either taking your own design or branding, alternatively developing concepts with you from scratch - we are here to help with as little or much as you need.

Pingree Farm

Overall Sign Dimensions: 980 x 1250mm

This ladder sign for the Pingree family farm is simplicity itself. Extruded aluminium slats with PVC free self-adhesive vinyl graphics applied to the faces, directly onto the green powder-coated finish, is exactly what the family wanted and had provided a very useful sketch of. This had to be budget-friendly, easy to clean, long-lasting and cheap to update as and when required. Jackpot - it is exactly what we did for them!

If we can help you with any farm, agricultural or rural signs in any material or style please get in touch, our favourite installations are digging holes in the beautiful countryside - we are country bumpkins at heart!