Nurture Wellness & Spa

Sign Dimensions: Reception desk: 400 x 525mm. Wall Mural: 1200 x 1500mm.

When asked to help we came up with a reception sign and a large wall-mounted logo both made from really eco-friendly materials and processes. The Reception desk is a dense cardboard-based material with non-solvent digital print to the face. Not only is this VOC free, but when it is time to change it can be recycled and pulped to create more paper or card!

Similarly, the logo wall logo was a challenge because it is such a thin, delicate design. We decided to produce this from bot builders plywood and wet sprayed with nontoxic airless paint process to achieve the specific brand colours. The plywood is FSC certified of course and was chosen because of the laminated manufacturing process it has incredible lateral strength and is very lightweight which is imperative for an internal plasterboard wall. 

Please contact us to see how we can help your company brand be incorporated into your premises and aid in creating a positive brand experience for your customers every time they leave happy, calm, content and raving about how much they enjoyed the experience you provided.

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