South Lodge Hotel - Wayfinding Project

One of the most important elements of wayfinding is being aware of how new locations, and additional activities within a venue can affect guest journeys. In addition, if operations have to change or alter this too can put pressure on or undermine the current strategy.

A great recent example of this is South Lodge Hotel. Due to how hotel operations have changed since the pandemic it became clear that some additional wayfinding assistance for guests was required. We were asked to create some beautiful engraved oak signs to help guests navigate the three main floors and staircase of the original house.
Previously all guests were shown to their rooms by the concierge but this had to change due to social distancing so a change resulted in more guest help being required - sounds simple but took insight from the excellent management team to see they needed to update things.

This also coincided with some stunning suite renovations which included new handmade oak doors, so we also made 29 individual new room name signs to finish off the rooms. The French polisher will eventually colour match the signs to the doors, but changing all the old mismatching doors and signs to a new high-quality and consistent solution has really elevated each grand hallway the suites are accessed from.

In addition to these, the continued growth and development of the site meant re-visiting the signage suite again to add new activity areas and finish off the program that was started before Covid. The hotel has two stunning brand new all-weather tennis courts which are accessed from the award-winning spa at South Lodge via a new meandering path through the trees and rhododendrons from the natural pools on the spa decking. So we made a new directional sign and badging signs for the courts themselves - both on brand to match everything else of course!

Finally, we completed the program with three new external directional signs that we had planned 3 or so years ago - again adding reassurance and brand consistency so the whole resort which is now consistent, elegant and everywhere that needs navigational assistance, a sign is there to answer the question and reassure guests before it even arises.

We are very proud to have completed this project several years after it started, and highlights that a wayfinding strategy really is a fluid and living entity that requires not only maintenance and regular cleaning once in situ, but also reviews to ensure it is working correctly and any tweaks or changes, however, small can have a huge impact on its success or failure.

Just because it works to start with does not mean it will continue to do so. We always include a review process in all projects of this nature - some things cannot be foreseen off plan, or conducting employee interviews at the start, so if you think your wayfinding needs a helping hand why not let us help you to review your customer journeys and give an honest appraisal.

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