The Old Vicarage

Sign Dimensions: 810 x 1430 x 70mm

Using sustainably sourced kiln-dried European oak, this simple yet high-quality sign was made from scratch to the exact size, design and highest level of craftsmanship the client required, to mirror the exquisite detail and effort they have put into the restoration of the manor house and it’s grounds.
We engraved the lettering and graphics directly into the oak sign face and painted the black colour with non-toxic water-based paint. Finished in three layers of modern water-based timber coating which is incredibly durable and breathable and provides a rich depth of colour that brings the grain out in the beautiful oak.

We can make timber signs of any size and shape, with intricate details and finishes or simple, elegant designs like this. We work with the best timber mills in the country and can use many native and non-native timber species when required. Contact us to discuss the endless options and variety that sustainable timber sign construction allows.

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