The Wellhouse & Season Cookery School

We produced and installed these two oak signs for the stunning Wellhouse Restaurant and Season Cookery School in a recently refurbished venue, which sites within the beautiful grounds of Lainston House Hotel.

By using oak to tie both brands together along with the timber-framed building they sit on and create a symmetrical entrance which subtly informs the guests of each part of the building and where they are heading because each offering is to the left or right of the door as you enter accordingly.

Equally using just oak for the Wellhouse mirrors the gorgeous and rustic interior with lots of natural materials and furnishings. In contrast, the Season Cookery School is sleek, modern and full of stainless steel so again we have used this design language in the sign as well.

We are proud as punch how these turned out and looking forward to working with the Lainston House team again in the future.

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